Progressive Indian Cuisine

With ever- progressive hospitality industry, Indian food has also evolved over the years on a global scale. And The term progressive indian came into being with  scientific approach combined with scientific methods of cooking.

Chef Gautam Chaudhry represents the exclusive group of creative chefs who pioneered the trend of Progressive Indian Cuisine. Having started his career with the Radisson Group, Chef Gautam went on to work with The Oberoi’s. He was instrumental in launching Threesixty degrees at The Oberoi’s New Delhi, before heading to Tanzore Restaurant & Lounge in the very glamorous Beverly Hills, USA.

When we talk about progressive food, it becomes necessary to have a good understanding of ingredients and flavors especially with Indian cuisine, Keeping in mind the authentic flavours with intelligent experimentation. Not just this plating your food as a piece of art that speaks a story is the beauty of Indian cuisine when presented the progressive way.