Food Stylist India

Food stylist is the one who makes you eat with your eyes. Chef Gautam Chaudhry is a renowned celebrity chef and food stylist known for his food plating, innovative presentation and exciting progressive recipes. Food stylists have become an integral part of F&B today owing to widespread use of social media and thus lot of famous & celebrity chef are now focusing on Food styling more than ever before. Chef Gautam Chaudhry is known for his food plating because he creates story with his plates. He uses his plates as canvas. He doesn’t use ingredients just to beautify the taste but pairs it well with the food ingredients which does not only add glamour to the dish but also complements its flavors very well. Chef Gautam Chaudhry has his own style of food styling which creates a niche for him. His food styling techniques are replicated by chefs all over the world.