Chef Author

Chef Gautam Chaudhary writes on Food trends, food styling etc., regularly for various food magazines, news columns and online portals. He is a Chef author who also writes on Ayurveda, spices spread across Indian region etc. A chef author is the one who write about food and beverages, food styling and similar fields related to food & Beverages. Chef Gautam also gives his master class to Hotel management schools across the country. He is also developing curriculum for a fast track culinary course which will act as a bridge between industry and the academics. This enables fresher to adapt to F&B industry in a better way. Gautam Chaudhry is a famous chef author who also writes on seasonality of ingredients, predicts food trends for the season and designs new recipes. Chef Gautam Chaudhry is very fond of natural resources and is an avid follower of Ayurveda and his recipe books promotes lot of usage of such ingredients.