Celebrity Chef India

Celebrity chef is the one who is widely known across social media platforms, TV channels and is also a chef Authour who writes for various blogs and magazines. Chef Gautam chaudhry is a Celebrity chef and in fact only 1 of the two Michelin recommended chefs in the country. Celebrity chef Gautam can be seen across various news channels, newspapers and Food &Beverage magazines speaking and writing about his innovative recipes, food trends and latest happenings in food and beverages. He is not only a celebrity chef but also a Chef author who writes for various e-portals and magazines. Celebrity chef Gautam Chaudhry is also famous judge and is regular at cook off events across the country. He was the Famous chef judge for Rasoi Queen, Saatvik food contest & corporate masterchef. Chef Gautam is also famous for his innovative seasonal recipes and is covered by various news channels, Vlogs, Social media pages and is guest speaker at latest conferences happening in food and beverages.